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Mrs. Boschert’s Class News

Aug. 20, 2018




            This week we will be reading We Have Rules.  Our sight words that the students should be able to read and write from memory are:  we, have, will, you.  We will be learning how to pick books to read independently.  We will learn the 3 ways to read (read the pictures, read the words, and retell the story).  We will also work on identifying and sorting capital and lower case letters and talking about letters that are tall, small, and letters that fall.  We will also be reading stories that we can make text to text and text to self-connections.  We are going to be working on “stamina in reading”.  This is where the students choose a spot to read and work on reading independently by choosing books that interest them and are good fit books for reading.

Math                                                                                                                                                                        We will be working on identifying numbers with number words and numerals, one to one correspondence, identifying more, less, or the same, and number order.  The students will bring home math workbooks to do on Mon.-Thurs.  I do not assign math homework on Fridays so the workbooks will not be coming home on Fridays.  Please look over your child’s homework each night and make sure that your child has understood the assignment for the day.  Please return the workbooks each day.  We will have a few minutes each day to work on the workbook pages, so you may find that your child has already completed the assignment but it has not been checked yet.  Please do not work ahead in the workbook. 

Math Homework:

Mon.:  ex. 1  pg. 7-8

Tues.:  ex. 2  pg. 9-10

Wed.:  ex. 3  pg.  11-12

Thurs.:  ex. 4  pg. 13-14

Fri.:  No Homework


Important Reminders

***Aug. 27- I will start sending home the Friday Folders.  The Friday Folders will have worksheets and books that the students will need to read and complete and return by Friday.  I will send the folder home on Monday and you will have all week to complete the work at your own pace and return the folder with the books and worksheet by Friday.  I will then refill the folders and send home the next week to have it returned again on Friday every week. Record the books that are sent home in the reading logs for our reading program.                                                      


If you did not return your brown bag with 5 items to tell about your child, please send it in as soon as possible.  We will spend this week having the students share.  We will have a few students share each day.  As soon as your child shares, he or she will take the brown bag back home.  

You may send your child with a water bottle with water only in it to school every day.  It will sit on your child’s desk to use throughout the day and will cut down on germs spread through the water fountains.

Thank you!!!

Thank you for a wonderful first few days of school.  The kiddos are getting to know each other very well and we are establishing routines.  I am very excited at how eager the kiddos are at learning new activities and games through get to know you activities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 

School-  668-8195


                        Have a great week!

                        Mrs. Boschert